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The next deadline for new working group proposals will be announced soon.

Before proposing a new PAGES working group, please ensure you are familiar with the guidelines. New working groups must fit within PAGES' Science Structure and scope of PAGES' interests.

You must also contact a member of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee, discussing your plans, at least two weeks before you submit this proposal.​ Applications received without SSC member notification will not be looked upon favorably.

Early in your research, please identify a data liaison officer for data stewardship and archiving, to make sure data and metadata is collected according to the rules of the working group's chosen data repository, and to liaise with PAGES' Data Stewardship Integrative Activity. See here for more details.

PAGES considers supporting scoping workshops intended to develop new working groups, under the Open Call category of meeting support.

Please note: This form will time-out after one hour, so to avoid loss of data prepare your proposal offline using this template (MS Word) and copy-paste the text into the form. Upon sending, you will receive an email confirming the content of your application for your records.

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If you are a current working group applying for an extension, briefly explain the reasons why, plus list the group’s previous major achievements in the box above. (This field is ONLY for current working groups. Please keep it as short as possible. Do not answer this question if you are proposing a new working group.)
Max. 300 words.
Including the proposed position within PAGES' universe, i.e. its themes, integrative activities and engagement with stakeholders. Max. 300 words.
Will there be early-career researchers (until 5 years after PhD) on your committee? If so, please write ECR before their name. Plus, each group is now required to have a representative involved in PAGES Early-Career Network. Please nominate an ECN rep.
For example, how did you consider diversity, equality and inclusion in leadership/steering committee members, participants, speakers, data liaison, ECN representative, etc.? 
List any external stakeholders that could be involved in the WG's activities. See Engaging Stakeholders in the "About" section of our website for more information.
Including duration of group, outline and timing of workshops and synthesis production.
Transferring datasets to a public archive is a required outcome. How will you make your data FAIR? Describe additional activities that your group will pursue to contribute to data stewardship. Data Stewardship is one of PAGES' Integrative Activities. Does your WG intend to assemble a major dataset? What key metadata will be collected/what procedures will be followed? FAIR data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.
Do you expect to receive funding or support from your own institute/organization or other organizations to assist in the setting up and running of this working group? 
Please note that this is not a formal request for funding, but only an estimate for the future. Funding is only given through working group workshop/meeting support applications.
E.g. endorsement/support by other projects or programs.
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