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TSM: CVAS/2k Network

Registration for hybrid CVAS/ 2k Network/ TSM - Deadline 15 February

Welcome to the registration for the hybrid CVAS/ 2k Network/ TSM which will take place in Potsdam (Germany) from 6-10 March.


The registration for the meetings is now open. Please make sure you choose the correct (online or on-site) registration form.

Deadline for on-site registration is 15 February.

Financial support

Deadline for financial support is the 6 February, after which we will inform you asap if and with how much funding we will be able to support you.

Information on Meetings

The current information on the meetings can be found here:

CVAS Meeting (06.03. 1:30 pm - 08.03. 12:30 pm)

2k Network Meeting (06.03. 1:30 pm - 08.03.12:30 pm)

Topical Science Meeting (08.03. 2 pm - 10.03. 3 pm)

Tentative Schedule

The tentative Schedule can soon be found on the webpage.

Access to online participation

It is planned that the online access to the meetings will be provided via this webpage. Updates will be published here soon.


Each participant of 2k or CVAS is required to bring a poster or printed out figures and present them during the Ice Breaker Poster Session.

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